Pyramid with Base for Human Eumelanin Hair for Female Mediums

Pyramid with Base for Human Eumelanin Hair for Female Mediums

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The lessons in "Heal the Melanins, Heal the World" will teach women how to become healers and mothers of the Universe and judges in this world.  The vial contains eumelanin hair programmed to provide celestial immunity to those who are worthy.  (Celestial immunity is like a legal immunity from prosecution, arrest/capture, and sentencing.)  

Those women with pheomelanin who wish to delve more into the eumelanin/ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum can now purchase eumelanin from the natural hair of an African-American woman to serve as a medium for pineal synchronization into the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras and aligning all of the chakras.  

The eumelanin hair is contained in a vial.  The medium should dip the hair in olive, coconut, or the essential oil of her choice then daily rub a dab of oil into the medium's 3rd eye and hair.  This is eumelanin for women only.

The polyresin pyramid symbolizes the ascending and descending energies of the law of correspondence.  The inner chamber of this orgone pyramid has a bed of metal shavings which serves to excite the orgone energy drawn into this space. By placing eumelanin within this bed, the frequency of the black female oracles' eumelanin will program the pyramid with her healing, telepathic, telekinetic, and teleportation properties. This creates a heightened current of healing orgone energy, particularly for the pineal. Great when paired with eumelanin for men (when male eumelanin becomes available).    

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